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Natural pest solutions advantages
​vs. synthetic:


  • Safe for people and pets
  • Easy to use
  • Kills pest
  • Breaks down easily
  • Prevents infestations for a shorter
    ​period of time 


  • Kills insects and rodents
  • Possible environmental hazard
  • Unsafe for people and pets in large quantities
  • Effective with residual effects
  • Prevents infestations longer
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Natural Pest Control

The safety of you, your family, and your pets is our #1 priority!

At Zero Tolerance Pest Control, we understand how important it is to feel safe in your home! 

In order to ensure safety along with maintaining a commitment to environmental consciousness. We use botanical and natural pest control methods or a combination of both natural and chemical over only synthetic options whenever possible.

What is botanical?

Botanical products are made from plants. There are many different types of botanical insecticides. They come in liquid, powder, and granular form. Botanical Insecticide Concentrates work on a broad spectrum of insects and will rid them from your home and property without having to worry about any potential personal or environmental safety issues. 

Two or more botanical substances that are commonly used in pest control solutions because of their potent insecticidal qualities bind together and form a Pyrethrin. This is a natural compound that is biodegradable and breaks down via light and air rather easily. It is a very effective insecticide, but has the drawbacks of breaking down rather quickly and not having long term resistance to re-infestation. 

Pyrethroids are synthetic compounds made from chemicals that are designed to resist breaking down so easily. They maintain their place in the realm of pest control due to their residual effects on insects, but the less they are used the better off our eco-system will be simply because they are synthetic rather than natural. 

Your choice of pest control company matters. Zero Tolerance Pest Control does use a small amount of the synthetic compounds along with the natural compounds in order to give a long term effect and growth regulator properties to the less stable treatment options. If you would like us to only use natural pest control methods then we are more than able to accommodate your request. If you choose that option the guarantee will have to be a shorter time period. We use only Botanical insecticides inside your home whenever possible unless the pest that is to be targeted needs a longer residual or growth regulator for treatment of that pest. 

Why does Zero Tolerance use synthetic control at all?

Your pest control is our business, environmental safety is our passion. Scientists have come up with natural insecticides and rodenticides. Now you have a choice - chemical or natural solutions for mice/rat and insect control or a combination of both. 

If scientists would come up with a botanical insecticide with a longer residual and add botanical growth regulators to the mix, there would be no reason to use chemical compounds. Until then, we will only use small amounts in order to keep our results at the rates we presently maintain.

Go Green When You Can!