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Zero Tolerance Pest Control serving
​Pioneer Valley and Southern Vermont

Your full service natural pest control specialists for Western Massachusetts
and Southern Vermont
Our company is dedicated to utilizing botanical Insecticide pest control solutions as often as possible, only utilizing synthetic options when necessary or when an absolute guarantee is needed. This commitment to natural solutions ensures that our products have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment and are people and pet friendly.

In addition to being top of the line professional insect exterminators, with specialization in Carpenter Ant infestations and Wasps/Bee removal, we are also professional rodent and wild animal removal specialists with both traditional and live catch service options available.
 We are so confident in the services available through  Zero Tolerance Pest Control that almost every service is fully guaranteed.  Except for wild life. Raccoons, Skunks, Possum's, Ground hogs or the like because sometimes the rodents are just passing through your yard and may never pass through there again. Different pests will have anywhere from 3 months up to a five year guarantee.  Our standard response time is 3-4 days, with the possibility of next-day service, and we also offer emergency services as needed with charges based on response time as well as hours of service. 

Our staff are totally commitmented to a personal connection with our clients and providing the quality service you deserve. We will always go the extra mile to provide personalized assistance to meet your needs. We understand how stressful dealing with pests can be and will work to ensure that your needs are met at a fair and affordable price.

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